A Deer A Horse, “Backswimmer”

Searing, pointed, unflinching rock


Klozapin, Portal B

This album must have come from another world.


Hillary Capps, “Last Call”

Hauntingly melodic.


JoLivi’s “Love Who You Wanna Love” Gets Remixed by Lux Holm

A high energy dance track.

Jaymes Young Shares “Stoned On You” and “Feel Something”, Talks Inspiration

Hypnotic and chill.


The Nickajack Men, “Running”

A particular brand of melancholy.


Anna Coogan Shares The Lonely Cry of Space & Time Before It’s Out, Is The Most Interesting Human We Know

“Everybody I know is creating some kind of art.”

Goldmine Sacks

Week in Pop: Boy Romeo, Crown Larks, Sun Glitters

Boulevards, Pioneer 11, Seasurfer, YAIMA, guest selections by Rey Pila.

Friday Night

Veio, “A Touch of Prog”

Friday Night, Baby

Fresh Daily

JR & PH7 & St. Joe Louis ft. Roc Marciano, “Driven”

Thrilling beats, thrilling rhymes.

Spencer Anthony, Words to Hide Behind

Insightful lines and velvety riffs.


Son & Thief, Repair


Friday Night

D-Pulse Talks Serpentine, Shares Ultimate Friday Night Mix

“Yes we were that romantic and naive.”


Al Massrieen’s Longa 79 Gets a Re-Release With Habibi Funk

Robust, beautiful.

Hot Collars, “Tongue Tied”

Energetic lyricism.