Audio Imposition

Impose Presents Summa Jamz

In handy playlist form

AM Gold

Trance Farmers, “Lone Star”

“Loretta Lynn gone chill-wave.”


Spray Paint, “Rust Versus Rust”

Keeping Austin weirder.


+HIRS+, “Little White Dress” (feat. Suzy X)

Putting the grind back into idealism.

Hot Cheetos

Aging ’90s rockers find relevance by culture appropriating Love & Rockets

Take that, art!

Books On Tape

Alexis Pope’s No Good x Young L’s MVP

Books on Tape is a bi-weekly column in which we pair a chapbook and a mixtape.

Just Heard

Joanna Gruesome, “Jerome (Liar)”

A long-awaited new track from the Welsh punks proves to be worth the wait.


Dan Bodan, “Soft As Rain”

Because “Quiet Storm” was already taken.

Fresh Daily

Busdriver, “Colonize the Moon” (ft. Pegasus Warning)

In the Busdriverse we’re already setting up shop on the moon.

Just Heard

Anenon announces forthcoming Sagrada album

The Non Projects label head is putting good karma into the universe.


Steve Jr, “Cool”

Proving Canada is more than just free healthcare.


G.Green, “Brain Fuck”

The Sacramento punk band is in your head with their pants off.


SBTRKT, “New Dorp, New York” (ft. Ezra Koenig)

A funky steel-drum, steady shaker with Vampire Weekend vocals on top.

Fresh Daily

Homeboy Sandman, “America, the Beautiful”

Not so “land of the free” but definitely the home of the brave.

Just Heard

Dope Body announce new album, October tour

Go get a bloody nose Andrew W.K.-style.