Saint Pepsi, “Fall Harder” (Ricky Eat Acid Remix)

A glitchy re-envision to a disco track that keeps summer alive a few days longer.

Stay High

Al Lover announces Sacred Drugs

A new psych-beat record featuring a guest appearance by Morgan Delt.

Goldmine Sacks

Week in Pop: The Canyon Rays, Clearance, Radclyffe Hall, Sneakout

Jack and the Ripper, Soft Riot, Unsatisfied Records, Zulu Pearls, co-curated by Craft Spells.

Say Hello

Oakland’s Puzzled

An Oakland twee band with a Street Fighter initiation ritual.

Party Report

The Lebowski Fest Obliges

A night of beer bongs, white russians, and, of course, bowling

Friday Night

Malportado Kids’ Haymarket martyr mix

The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.


Stream IAN by IAN

From Boston with lots of emotions.

AM Gold

Stream Bellows’ Blue Breath

The record finally sees a vinyl light of day.

Just Heard

Orchid Tapes announces Mister Lies album

The first single understands the difference between Neon Golden and Give Up.

Just Heard

Tim Presley joins Wayne Kramer and Tom Morello for Jail Guitar Doors

A good cause in the spirit of Joe Stummer.


Son Step, “Wavesee”

Mindful repetition.


Dan Bodan, “Jaws of Life”

The sad-eyed pop crooner drops the second single off of his upcoming DFA debut.

Head Shrinking

On The Couch with Mark Normand

Psychoanalyzing the stand-up comedian at a bustling McDonalds.


Lily Taylor, “Apples and Cinnamon”

Angelic and visceral vocal-driven avant pop.

Just Heard

Stream Blood Sister’s “Paralysis”

This track, contrary to its name, soars.