Just Heard

Sheer Mag Announce Physical Release of 7″ + Tour

The Philly scuzz rock band is nothing to sneer at.

Fresh Daily

Mr. Yote, “Golden Bell”

When rap goes into a cartoonish 64-bit reality.

Just Heard

Upcoming Porches. 7″ On a Different Wavelength

Aaron Maine’s sleepy alter-ego comes to the forefront.


Chimes, “Total Sunflower” and “Rinso”

A haunting sample of the forthcoming Psychic Slack.


Vesuvio Solo, “Avion”

Sting and the Boys are smiling somewhere in the avion.

Stay High

Absolutely Free, “Vision’s”

A new single with a big pop drive, plus an extensive US tour.

Goldmine Sacks

Week in Pop: Bummer Vacation, Carl Creighton, Dinosaur Feathers, News For Lulu

Is/Is, Lazyeyes, Medicine, Solai, The Yetis, co-curated by Pictureplane.

Fresh Daily

Curly Castro, “Emmett Still” (feat. Margel The Sophant)

A song that further illustrates that not much has changed since 1955 for black folks.

Just Heard

Palberta drops Shitheads in the Ditch

A new LP of absurdist humor in the form of chest-clenching, visceral punk.

Friday Night

Slow Magic, “Songs To Fly To”

Never keep your plans and never reach your final destination.

Fresh Daily

The Underachievers + Flatbush Zombies = Clockwork Indigo

It is a real horror show.

The Future

Stream Michael RJ Saalman’s Lxus Shaq

Cyborg pop songs.

Jock Strap

So you wanna be an NFL Commissioner?

13¬†options for the NFL to consider should the “Commish” position free up.

Just Heard

Fugazi announce release date and tracklist for First Demo

There is more Fugazi to grace our ears in coming months.


Ban(ne)d Book Club: Shellshag on Chelsea Martin’s “At The End of This Story The Door Will Open…”

“…And Under Eight Seconds Will Have Passed”.