Fresh Daily

Armand Hammer return with “B.E.T.” and EP

The first single from the Furtive Movements EP defines sinister.


Cats Hate Cops, The Height of Zine Culture

This meow-chine kills fascists.


Stream Painted Zeros’ New EP, Svalbard

Possibly a perfect party band because they transcend the party itself.


Amanda X, Amnesia

There’s no forgetting.


Purling Hiss, “Learning Slowly”

Can’t stop a high-speeed shred train from blowing up your quiet time.


Stream New God’s Firework album

Grabbing pieces of life to make an album.


Sophie, “Lemonade”

This ain’t no Arnold Palmer.

Party Report

Free Devil’s Haircuts: The waning allure of festival culture

By the end of Pitchfork we all felt as vacuous as Beck in our matching haircuts.

Jock Strap

Anastasia Ashley’s secret weapon: Illy Issimo

Where would you be without your morning coffee?


Height with Friends, “Bmore Bmore”

The final installment in the old school trilogy takes it bak to Baltimore.

Just Heard

DJ Earl drops “Afrika Tek” EP

Turning Tek heads on a Sunday.

The Future

Shopping Spree, “Here Comes Your Boy”

Exploring pop cliches through extensive looping.

Say Hello

christian fitness, i am scared of everything that isn’t me

Future Of The Left’s lead singer gets weird on his unemployment side project.


The Silver State, “The Colorado”

Thick with wistful summer memories of the Colorado River.


The world is way better with Birthdays

We love you Sam. You’re an inspiration to us all.