D.C. Gets Hard Again: Cricket Cemetery Labels


Getting shived while talking to D.C.’s latest hardcore label.


Stephanie Glass | March 10, 2011

Cricket Cemetery

Cricket Cemetery

Screaming, steadfast ideals, shaved heads. The
imagery and sound of hardcore has taken a bit of a backseat on indie’s mainstream
scene this millennium, but Mogwai’s
recent album title Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will seems to adequately describe the resilient Mid Atlantic hardcore scene. It is especially
alive and well in the District thanks to the recently created Cricket Cemetery label. I talked with Ian Thompson, founder of the vinyl, local, and hardcore only
label (exclusivity plays a slight theme), about Cricket’s formation,
recording at the legendary Inner Ear
, and the current state of hardcore.

Where did the idea for Cricket Cemetery, a vinyl
only hardcore label, come about? I’m guessing it’s probably an idea you’ve had
for awhile, considering all the work that goes into getting a business off the

I didn't really have an idea. This label is a
necessity in my life. I've always had things to say and things I wanted to
accomplish, I just found the right format I think. Everyone has idols and until
recently, mine were all musicians. Starting from when I was old enough to know
who Sheila E, Prince, Michael Jackson, Gloria Estefan or Tears for Fears were.
Later in my adolescence, punk, hardcore, and some metal bands became a more
specific part of my life. I've only ever cared about music. I've always been
fascinated by all the different aspects of it, like location, members,
influences, gear, records, etc. Being a fan or even a musician isn't really
enough for me anymore. I want to put my hands in every aspect of the process.
Not to be a control freak, but rather to just get shit done. Put out quality
records with quality local music that people need to know about. There's an
endless fountain of talent in this city and surrounding areas. People need to
hear what it sounds like.

The last few years, a lot more vinyl-only and/or
vinyl-specific labels have popped up, including some in the D.C. area (Yeah Gates, Windian, Sockets). Do you find that this niche
community provides a good support system for everyone, despite all dealing with
somewhat different sounds?

I like that those labels exist and that other people are stoked on releasing
music (specifically vinyl). Windian released a Two Tears 7-inch, so that's a
number one in my book. As well as a Shirks 7-inch. Sharp.

The 7-inch split between L&T&W

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