What to read (right now) XIX: Brian Oliu


Missed connections and a Tuscaloosa tornado.


Josh Spilker | June 8, 2011

Brian Oliu / Google Images

Brian Oliu has been stomping on me lately. Like trampling my readerly-ways.

You should read him, too. Brian lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. You may have heard of a tornado striking Tuscaloosa just over a month ago. He has written some stuff about that storm. That great piece is published at Pank. Get the real perspective.

Second, I've been tearing into Brian's new book, So You Know It's Me. This book is out now from Tiny Hardcore Press. It indulges all of your craigslist missed connection fantasies. It is fantastic. It will make you drink multiple Fantas. I'm out of “Fantas” words, but get the book. It's all southern up in there & it's summertime, and everyone loves the south in the summertime, then we're forgotten for awhile, but it's cool. But don't forget to get the book.

Read some of the selections from the book here at The Offending Adam. The site did a special Tuscaloosa issue to help with tornado relief.

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