Amber Mimz, “Never Be”

Michael Brummett

Credit Charles Bates

Amber Mimz released her debut EP back in 2013 — The Life of Riley. Based in Washington D.C., Mimz is a funk/jazz/soul singer, songwriter, and producer. She’s altogether an artistic force, not just active with her musical career, but creating jewelry and doing hair styling, too.

With her massively talented creative background, here’s what Amber had to say about her latest release, the EP, Three:

“[The number] three kept showing up in multiple ways in my life, right down to the number of times I’ve attempted a project like this over the last three years… While researching, I found that the number three symbolizes the principles of growth: one is the thought of an idea, and two is the fertility of that idea, which results in the creation of three, the final product. Then, out of all the demos and songs circulating at the time I felt strongly about these three to share.”

You can pick up the whole EP Three on Bandcamp, give her a like on Facebook, and check out her other artistic creations on her website.

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