Austin’s Kurrakä

Maria Sherman


Unless you’re from Austin or just really good at the Internet, chances of finding any real information on the female trio Kurrakä is next to impossible.

A few weeks before debuting their latest recording, “El Steno Americano,” Kurrakä dropped a demo–all in Spanish—four tracks of dark, raw punk. Trained ears will note the reminiscent of qualities of Kurrakäs’ vocals with Criaturas (with whom the band shares a member.) At the risk of pontificating, at times, the demo stems from a callow place, playing with an intensity that could perhaps be likened to the ‘80s Japanese hardcore scene.

Simplistic in its primalism and free from the confines of traditional melodic structure, Kurrakäs are unapologetic, crude, and addictive. Download the entirety of Kurrakäs’ demo here.

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