Best Coast + Rivers Cuomo = Mountain Dew


This'll go perfect with your Fourth Meal n' bucket of Pepsi


Chris Robbins | October 15, 2010

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This is how you make some news.

Bethany “Best Coast” Cosentino and Rivers Cuomo are joining forces to corner the coveted 14-17 year old demographic.

At this point, there is no one Rivers Cuomo won't collaborate with. When I talked to my building super this morning about our toilet, he mentioned that Cuomo had called him to work on some surf-rock project but that he was just letting the calls go straight to voicemail.

And if Rivers thinks that he's gonna get a slice of Best Coast's $500 in Taco Bell money, he's sorely mistaken. Nothing helps the Cali ennui go down a little easier than a cheesy Beef Enchirito (now with “red sauce!”).

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