Coachella lineup frenzy at fever pitch, KROQ is our only hope


HINT: it must include Phoenix.


Chris Robbins | January 18, 2011

Yeah right, those dudes are still trapped in TRON, <a href="">Via</a>

Yeah right, those dudes are still trapped in TRON, Via

While Bonnaroo's attendees are trying to score a big ball of opium to sell and Lollapalooza's ticket holders are still figuring out if they're booked for Chicago or Santiago, Coachella is whipping up a lineup announcement frenzy by announcing it tonight on KROQ at 8pm EST. Or not? Maybe they should make us stand at the edge of a cave and huff some methane fumes, Grecian style.

Either way, it's unlikely to deviate from the standard festival formula. Contemporary “comeback” band (The Strokes, Weezer) + old leathery “legends” (Duran fucking Duran, REM) + “edgy” electronic act (Crystal Castles) + Phoenix = $$$$. Simple.

But occasionally there's a few screwballs in the mix. Sources close to Impose have urged that Steve Jobs is actually taking medical leave because he's so close to reanimating John and George, thus allowing The Beatles to headline Coachella and appear in the next line of iPad commercials.

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