Inception: The meaning behind character names


Did you really think they were random?


Sarahana | July 27, 2010


Conversations sparked by Christopher Nolan's Inception will soon become a leading source of irritability, break ups and dinner fights, because nobody will want to hear your thesis titled Yet Another Interpretation: can't we just all enjoy this summer blockbuster for what it is and shut up?

However, in yesterday's Wired post on the neuroscience of the movie1, author Jonah Lehrer sets us up with a good excuse, and we — you and I — are going to run with it:

“The literary critic Frank Kermode famously argued that all successful
works of art have the ability to inspire multiple interpretations. We
read the classics, he said, because we believe they say more than the
author meant. In other words, it is the ambiguity of art


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