Kid Flicks, “My Own Song”


An anthem of self-identification.


Ari Spool | April 20, 2012

Just doin' your own thing can feel so good.

Kid Flicks already cued us in to what he loves about the city nearest to his hometown, Athens, Greece. But now we get to hear a little bit more from the man, who's record Heart of Gold we've been talking about for quite a while. This track is a little bit more intense than the ones Blake talked about back in December, but it's still got that piece of something that's going to make you jump, hands in the air. This is an anthem of self-identification worth pogoing to. And at the end, when Nickos screams at the top of his register, matching his vocal to the hum in the synths, it's easy to identify with the elation he must have felt when he created the track.

Kid Flicks, “My Own Song”

Heart of Gold is available now via Inner Ear.

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