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Jason Diamond | August 13, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, the motherfucking Hipster Grifter Law and Order!

We all know that The Beatles: Rock Band is going to be awesome, but seriously think for a moment about Yoko Ono: Rock Band, and how much awesomer that would be.

Our pal Nick Gazin takes his old man to a horror convention.

I think The Awl is maybe one of the best sites on the net, but I never, ever want to read “can we give it a rest with all the “Dude worship” again. Alright?

Atlas Sound covering Fleetwood Mac? Holy crap, that is like the only thing that could come close to Atlas Sound dueting with Panda Bear. (thanks Stereogum)

President Obama as the Messiah, vegan cults, psych rock, Hasidic Jews, and Charlie Manson are all hit upon in this guide to cult rock.

Author Pasha Malla picks Bell Biv Divoe, Jodeci, and the greatest Boyz II Men song ever for her “Book Notes” piece on Largehearted Boy.

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