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Jeremy Krinsley | May 22, 2009


Sounding like a thrashier Team Robespierre on many of the tracks off their free album, Los Angeles-based Neon Navajo (not to be confused with Austin/Brooklyn's Neon Indian), are most amusing with autotune (see “Native Native Eagle Lung”), which has them sounding more Crystal Castles than Jamie Foxx. There's also the weird, dawdling “Nava Lie”, though “Bear Horns Trap” is probably the most fun to see live, and the most likely to sell the Team Robespierre angle. (Update: The band hates “Bear Horns Trap.” It's just a demo, and they never play it live. And who's Team Robespierre?)

Neon Navajo, “Nava Lie”

Neon Navajo, “Bear Horn Traps”

Neon Navajo, “Native Native Eagle Lung”

Download the free album here.

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