Get personal with Mac DeMarco on eBay


That Mac DeMarco is one funny son of a bitch.


Derek Evers | January 18, 2013

Mac Demarco sleeping mask

This sleeping mask can be yours, today!

I awoke this morning to find some great items up for sale over at eBay courtesy our friend Mac. The first being this certified sleeping mask once used by Zachary Cole Smith of DIIV. We assume by certified it means Mac took it from Cole, but would you doubt a man who sells another man's sleeping attire on the internet?

It was updated at 5:31 this morning and is already going for $29 after 38 bids (as of writing this).

This all seems to be in response (or conjunction with) Makeout Videotape selling this printed photo of Mac DeMarco wearing Zachary Cole Smith's sleeping mask. While I'm slightly bummed that it's not autographed, the photo does come with a copy of his 7″ EP. It, sadly, only has three bids for $8 (as of writing this).

mac demarco wearing zachary cole smith sleeping mask

For the record, both DeMarco and Makeout Videotape have 100% seller ratings.

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