The Analog Affair, “Lies”


A northwestern alt-pop duo with a new video.


Michael Brummett | February 7, 2017

The Analog Affair

The Analog Affair is an alt-pop duo prepping for some tours around Portland following the release of When You Go. Off the release is “Lies”, and the outfit has dropped a new music video to better illustrate the sentiments of the project.

“Lies” was by far their biggest success on When You Go, and their visual reconstruction of the project pulls off the same dramatic build that brought them so much attention in the first place. The haunting piano solidifies the tone of the matter, with the huge vocal arch hitting right at the halfway mark.

The Analog Affair has pieced together a rather human production, channeling the darker emotions you could imagine in a track with such a title.

You can support the group on their Bandcamp page, and by checking them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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