Week in Pop: Bass Drum of Death, Davila 666, Girls Names


It’s like the Goldmine Sacks Grammy’s, sort of.


Sjimon Gompers | February 18, 2011

tyler the creator rides a bull

Tyler rides the buzzwave cash cow.

With almost every artist and band that you love putting an album out, 2011 is off to a year of great pop potential. Should you find yourself bummed because Arcade Fire and the Black Keys shut down Vampire Weekend at the Grammy’s, or freaked out by the “Goblin” video from Tyler and the OFWGTKA crew, then look at all the mad releases flying our way this week. Yuck’s debut album, Beans’ End it All, Katy Goodman’s goodtime La Sera’s debut release, the highly anticipated Babies self-titled, Tim Cohen’s Magic Trick album, Dam Mantle’s First Wave and plenty more. Perhaps I’ll elaborate on those later but for now it’s the week in pop in no particular order.

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