I made my first public mixtape last December, when I decided that doing so would be a lot more fun that just listing my favorite songs from Baltimore in 2010. The result was a digital time capsule of what went on in this town last year, while this new mixtape is a first look at 2011.

Below you'll find two sides of a mixtape up for download, each with tracks as diverse as the next. All of the songs originated in Baltimore. Most of the tracks are from this year, some are from prior, and a few are to be found on future releases. The art was designed by Caleb Moore (Lands & Peoples, Dead Drums), and it was mixed by yours truly.

">Side A, Baltimore: Spring 2011

01 Zomes - "Openings"
02 Weekends - "Home Alone (acoustic)"
03 Ken Seeno - "Cedilla in My Monogram"
04 Lands & Peoples - "Sexting"
05 White Life - "Real Things"
06 Eachothers - "Wild Yonder"
07 Microkingdom - "Aire Metal (Chopped and Screwed)"
08 Ponytail - "Honey Touches"
09 Adventure - "Feels Like Heaven"
10 Daytime - "Life / Afterlife (edit)"
11 Ecstatic Sunshine - "Hello Money"
01 Celebration - "Only The Wicked (acoustic)"
02 Zu Shapes - "Olivia"
03 Moss of Aura - "Charter"
05 Dope Body - "The Shape of Grunge To Come"
06 Inflatable Mattress - "Green Tea Girlfriend"
07 Thank You - "Pathetic Magic (Dan Deacon remix)"
08 Avocado Happy Hour - "Daytime Television"
09 Gem Vision - "Untitled 1"