A Shadow of Jaguar, RAW


The latest from the NYC-based rockers.


November 29, 2017

NYC-based gritty rock duo A Shadow of Jaguar recently released their debut album, RAW, that was made “to stick a big middle finger up at all the fears and doubts that plague us. The goal was to force upon people the uncontrollable urge to scrunch their faces and nod their heads” the pair says.

On RAW, A Shadow of Jaguar manage to pack a lot of rock and roll into just eleven tracks. They more than accomplish their goal of forcing us to scrunch our faces and nod our heads. Our pick for head-nod worthy tracks are “Don’t Want To Die Here” and “Veruca Bath Salts.”

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in Denver, CO, by Todd Divel and Justin Peacock at Silo Sound (Borahm Lee of Break Science and Pretty Lights Live Band). You can listen to the album below, and follow the band on Facebook or Instagram or check out their website here.


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