Blissed Out remix Teen Daze

Derek Evers

Blissed Out Chocolate

It's like smoking a joint while skiied out.

Teen Daze is all the altered rage these days, capturing chillwave hearts while helping to legitimize the blog landscape. Blissed Out is in similar territory, although they tend to gravitate to the darker, more sinister side of the spectrum. They are to Negativeland as Teen Daze is to David Bowie.

Which is why this remix is interesting to begin with. How will the deviant noise fuckery of BO interpret what is, in essence, a pop song? To quote Blissed Out:

“A few weeks back, Teen Daze reached out to Blissed Out about doing an edit of one of his songs from his album Four More Years
(being release this coming Tuesday July 27). At first we were
apprehensive. We like Teen Daze, though his music is a bit different
from the sounds we tend to gravitate towards – that is, his music is
more upbeat and pop oriented. Upon receiving the stems for his song,
“Shine On You Crazy White Cap,” we instantly knew what we had to do. We
deconstructed Shine On, chopping, screwing, and manipulating the stems,
sucking the light out of the track to create our own interpretation.
This isn't Shine On. This is Shine Off.”

Blissed Out, “Shine Off” (remix of Teen Daze's, “Shine On You Crazy White Cap”)

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