Bun B, “Let'em Know”


The South is definitely in the house, but is this a house of pancakes?


Blake Gillespie | July 15, 2010

bun b

DJ Premier is one of the few producers who has employed the same techniques with the same Technics for a decade plus, yet still manages to lace rappers with top notch production. Bun B utilizes “Let'em Know” like any rapper with a Premo beat would, by straight spitting aggressive bars.

For those looking for relief from the onslaught of dope mainstream hip hop albums in July, we've got good/bad news. Bun B's Trill O.G. is keeping the heat on in August. Bun B heard the bell and came out of his corner with haymakers, delivering fatal blows like “first on your baby mamas bucket list / you on some sucker shit / might as well suck a dick / because you being a bitch just for the fuck of it.” He rides the beat flawlessly, as though he just went into the booth and blacked out with an inspired freestyle. Although, Bun might want to claim it as a freestyle as he bites the Biggie “Mikes” line from “Victory” with “better bring your mic game / Mike Tyson / Mike Jordan / Big Mike, mang.” Yeah, I'm going with “Real sick, brawl nights / I perform like Mike / anyone – Tyson, Jordan, Jackson action, pack guns, ridiculous” as the stronger approach.

Bun B's Trill O.G. is out August 3 on Rap-A-Lot.

Bun B, “Let'em Know”

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