Carnivores tear into the hometown pork


Dreamy garage, just like daddy always wanted.


John Bail | September 27, 2011

Carnivores, "Prom Night" b/w "Second Impulse" 7-inch

Carnivores, "Prom Night" b/w "Second Impulse" 7-inch

Carnivores have a great production aesthetic that has been thrown incessant comparisons to hometown Atlanta heroes, like, yknow, Deerhunter and the Black Lips. The four-piece blends sentimental riffs with guitar tones tantamount to a nice rawhide slap in the face, alongside trebly Rickenbacker bass plucks and organs that can only be described as groovy. Here's “Second Impulse”, the b-side to their latest 7-inch, out today on Double Phantom Records.

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