Curren$y, Michael Rocks, Tabi Bonney


Never put the three best reasons to check your mixtape on one song.


Blake Gillespie | January 6, 2011


I have heard all I care to hear from DDot’s Show Of Hands
mixtape. The remainder of the mixtape features the likes of Talib Kweli, Gilbert Forte, Mickey Factz, Phil Ade, Charles Hamilton and lesser snore-inducing rappers.

“Fly Out (Pt. Tres)” is three minutes of clean-cut studio funk, unimposing vibes, that allows Michael Rocks, Curren$y and Tabi Bonney to do their braggadacio thing-thing. They grow up so quick. It was only 2010 that Michael Rocks was going by “Mikey”. It's high time that we get solo records from Michael Rocks and Tabi Bonney. As for Curren$y, I'm not as concerned considering he'll probably drop at least three albums with the head start he's taken on Return To The Winner's Circle, which you can check out here.

Curren$y, “Fly Out (Pt. Tres) (feat. Michael Rocks and Tabi Bonney)

Show Of Hands drops January 11.

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