Dead Gaze, “It's Not Real”


Another sticky psych-pop 10" from Mississippi, with love.


Blake Gillespie | September 2, 2011

dead gaze

There's something eerily familiar about Dead Gaze's “It's Not Real” that we can't quite place. It is as though the radio dial caught a muffled pop-transmission from a late 90s Top 40 station. R. Cole Furlow keeps his vocals submerged, per usual, but he's less swampy-New Order on “It's Not Real” and more Flaming Lips from the bottom of the sea. The summers are sticky in Mississippi, but Dead Gaze are a Gulf breeze, assuming such wind currents exist. We are just theorizing and romanticising, since we live elsewhere.

Preorder the self-titled Dead Gaze 10″ at Group Tightener.

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