Essi, “I, I”

JP Basileo

Noise rock, as a term, might carry a negative connotation with it. People get this idea that musicians must be lacking in purpose and/or playing ability, if their pursuits point toward the less conventional. Essi, the duo consisting of Jessica Ackerly (Gold Dime) and Rick Daniel (formerly of Yvette) proves that this is simply not the case, and that unorthodox composition and
musicianship not only allows for an incredibly unique and ruminative listening experience, but also, it takes a great deal of skill and self-knowledge. Their single, “I, I” jitters and blasts through the skull and into the subconscious with enough force to instill petrifying paranoia and skin-crawling unease well after its conclusion. If this doesn’t exude the staying power of music, you don’t know what does. Curious guitar writes i’s and t’s, dotted and crossed by Daniel’s answering drums, Ackerly’s vocal iterations like a daemonic chant to summon the end of the world. And it comes. All earthly tangibility is upheaved in a series of layering and looping that completely mauls reality, the hammering of drums like the crumbling of upright society. It throbs, floor tom and foreign guitar, like some misshapen heart left on the floor to flop around as a caught fish. It’s your heart, removed from chest. And it’s this kind of grotesque? Cool. Such a monstrosity can only promise for a lasting effect, especially for a live performance.

Speaking of which, Essi’s release show is October 19 at 1090 Wyckoff with Sic Tic and The Flag.

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