Eternal Summers in the Appalachains

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Blake Gillespie | September 23, 2009


Eternal Summers sounds like our collective dream of breezy sun-soaked days of light-hearted feelings soundtracked by tender poppy guitar-riffing. The duo formed November 2008 despite neither member knowing how to play their respective instruments. As part of the Magic Twig Community, Eternal Summers used its Roanoke, VA hide out to cultivate its skills and sounds around the songs of guitarist Nicole Yun.

Eternal Summers, “Able To”

Eternal Summers, “Fall Straight Back”

The duo have a couple CMJ showcases lined up:
21 Oh My Rockness Showcase @ Santos Party House
23 Chocolate Bobka/Underwater Peoples Showcase @ Delancey
24 Chocolate Bobka/Underwater Peoples Showcase @ Cameo Gallery

Eternal Summers new 7″ is out now on Chimney Sweep Records

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