FREE AKTION, “Living in Freedom”


“Take some time to be true.”


Andre G | December 21, 2016

Many holiday tracks are of the cheerful, cheeky variety, with the requisite sleighbells and such. For FREE AKTION though, their 2016 holiday offering is more of the times than any song about egg nog. The band recently released “Living In Freedom,” a powerful commentary on the tumult the world is going through, especially in America.

The group, signed to Half-Night records, has said that the track is an “expression of love to override the fear that drives us to judgement of others.” Indeed, even the song’s conception is a testament to the unity needed to overcome negative energy. The bulk of the track was recorded in California—including a choir at an episcopal church– but the song’s powerful saxophone was played by Adrian Åsling Sellius in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The band’s live instrumentation combines with thumping 808s to create an evocative call-to-action with free jazz and acid house elements.

You can listen to “Living In Freedom” below.

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