Height with Friends, “Bmore Bmore”


The final installment in the old school trilogy takes it bak to Baltimore.


Blake Gillespie | July 28, 2014

Dan Keech, aka Height, has been time traveling to bring ’78 back through his Height With Friends project. As part of a trilogy of records, Keech has been battling at house parties, rollerskating rinks, infinity ballrooms, and community centers on a path towards becoming the greatest of all time. No matter where he travels and who he battles, his circles live by the code “no gunshots at our parties.” For the final installment, entitled Height With Friends Versus The Continental MC’s, Height is taking it back to the homecourt on “Bmore Bmore”.

Height tussled with The Dynamic Sounds and out system’ed the Electric Rockers, but on “Bmore Bmore” Height is out to put on his city and put on his people in the name of u-n-i-t-y. On “Bmore Bmore” Height is joined by Emily Slaughter of AK Slaughter and Eze Jackson of Soul Cannon. Professing to be back from the dead, Height With Friends show and prove as a life of the party crew that’s rocked on an international level.

Height With Friends Versus The Continental MC’s is out September 2 on Height’s Bandcamp. The release party is September 5 at Metro Gallery in Baltimore, MD.

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