Hellfyre Club Presents Veneris Nigrum


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over. Get back to not paying for shit.


Blake Gillespie | November 29, 2011

Veneris Nigrum

Hellfyre Club took no holidays off last week by dropping Veneris Nigrum, a label compilation with a Latin name that unexpectedly translates to Black Friday. Veneris Nigrum features contributions from the LA imprints 2012 roster of releases, which includes Nocando, Open Mike Eagle, KAIL, E. Super, Rheteric Ramirez, Subtitle, VerBS, Sahtyre and Pistol McFly. It's the sort of no purchase necessary deal that needed to be mentioned in case you missed it on Friday due to being too busy camping outside of Best Buy (the occupy continues!) or too busy wrestling over last flatscreen with a housewife.

At 11 tracks deep, Veneris Nigrum features new takes on old songs (Open Mike Eagle, “Nightmares” (Busdriver Remix)), previously released cuts (Sahtyre, “The Enlightenment”) and unreleased cuts that will make future projects (Rheteric Ramirez, “Southlander”).

Rheteric Ramirez, “Southlander”

Download Veneris Nigrum here.

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