Jensen Sportag adorn Detroit technology


A fine compliment to art gallery cheese.


Blake Gillespie | February 8, 2011

Jensen Sportag

Jensen Sportag is a smooth operation rooted in chilly R&B, not quite as frigid as the Minneapolis funk of Prince and The Time, but what the older gods refer to as Detroit Techno.

A few hundred miles south of Detroit, Jensen Sportag rep Nashville, a city hardly known for its electro-funk, but that is the beauty of the digital world. It's a diggers' society where a hip uncle with dusty wax who lets you drink beer unbeknown to your parents, while introducing you to the music of his era is no longer a step in discovery. Now, we look at that uncle and say, “pssh I know what The Shelter was like, I saw a video of Derrick May on Youtube.”

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Anywhoo, Jensen Sportag's “Everything Good” is everything swell and tastefully nostalgic that we love about retro-fitting our R&B; the snaking bass line, the posh runway-ready synths, schmaltzy white-boy vocal musings and of course, subtle cowbell clanging – overt cowbell breakdowns are so DFA circa '04.

Jensen Sportag's Pure Wet is out digitally February 15 on Cascine.

Jensen Sportag, “Everything Good”

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