Lost Boy ?, “Enter Sandman”


Not Metallica, no.


JP Basileo | November 9, 2017

Digging through one’s past can often produce a number of results, whether painful, cathartic, or perhaps enlightening to aspects of a present self. The lattermost of these can be said for a curiously “new” Lost Boy ? track, curiously titled “Enter Sandman,” off a “new” EP of the same name, just released by GP Stripes for Cassette Store Day. These songs were done way back in 2011, the first studio recordings of the band’s original lineup (before Canned and Goose Wazoo), and intended to be their first official release. Time flies. Now to address the elephant in the room. No, it’s not a Metallica cover. Probably not even a Metallica reference (who’s Metallica? What is a Metallica?), but rather, a dreamy, feedback-laden riff-fest. Three chords and a head-shaking, alternating riff coast over a driving rhythm; part pop tune, part ethereal piece. Jones’ tranquil falsetto hovers over you like the title sleep-bringer, and the dream in which you’re entering has you soaring through the night sky, hi-fiving the moon. The chorus invites an onslaught, a plunge of full-band tone, like a pelican’s dive for fish. Does it wake you? Naw, stay sleepin’.

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