Lymbyc Systym, “Ghost Clock”

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Blake Gillespie | September 23, 2009

The Bell brothers might live states apart, one resides in Brooklyn while the other lives in Austin, TX, but the band remains intact. No, the record was not recorded through some brotherly telekinetic understanding. Lymbyc Systym sustained on late night phone calls of sung melodies and rhythms, until a chance to record together was appropriate.

Lymbyc Systym, “Ghost Clock”

“Ghost Clock” intermittently reminds me of Broken Social Scene's sound in an almost plagiarist crime, yet I will excuse the notion and reserve judgment until I hear Shutter Release in full. Lymbyc Systym toured with Broken Social Scene, so this coincidence could be perceived as a sonic “hello” to old friends.

Shutter Release is out November 3 on Mush.

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