Matthewdavid, “#5 (Feat. Eola)”


A CDR inside of a floppy disk containing music of the 24th century.


Ari Spool | May 15, 2012

Cover art

DISKII, the home of track “#5”, is a piece of music that has undergone a lot of transition. Starting out as an ambient drone jam between Matthewdavid and an assortment of friends, including Eola, Run DMT, and Speculator, as well as a live performance on KXLU, what were presumably digital recordings were then burned to a CDR and then placed in the case of an old style floppy disk with the magnetic innards removed. “#5” is a shifting mass of sonic bubbles, burning through different Donkey-Kong style levels of loopy smokey guitar, with distorted samples being slowed down 6000% and pitch shifted into oblivion. You can get one of these limited disks from Leaving, but in the meantime, here is the track to tide you over until it ships.

Matthewdavid, “#5 (Feat. Eola)”

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