Mayyors, Sacramento's shit storm of an enigma

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Blake Gillespie | July 15, 2009

(Wrapped in a new 12" called Dead.)

(Wrapped in a new 12" called Dead.)

Adolescent minds seeking the arcane in music rationalize that what's rare is necessarily good. Obscurity is a powerful weapon for a DIY band. Strictly pressing limited 7-inch and cassette tape series is a business model that taunts the music junkie attempting the iTunes detox diet. Sacramento's Mayyors are the perfect shitstorm of DIY enigmas.

I have lived here for over year and still it seems utterly impossible to track down Mayyors, be it for a live performance or old-fashioned stalking. Much to my chagrin, I missed out on the Dead 12″ EP release party a few weeks ago, in which each copy of the 12″ had handmade original artwork. C'est la vie.

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This was a 500 pressing, so start eBaying your brains out if you want to find it.

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