Monster Rally, “Orchids”


The former Ohioan finds paradise in lotus-eating Los Angeles.


Blake Gillespie | September 6, 2013

Monster Rally

What if Tim Feighan, pka Monster Rally, is patching together exotica beats as facilitation of VISA stamps? Since forming the escapist tropicalia sound, he's bettered his station, leaving Ohio for the golden poppy eaters of California. He's now closer to Hawaii or perhaps Bali is the next frontier.

The lead single from Monster Rally's upcoming Return To Paradise LP is “Orchids”, a drum powow nestled in the deep reds of a faraway sunset. It's easy to imagine “Orchids” finding its way into the soundtrack of the next Baz Luhrmann novel-adaptation, possibly Hemingway's The Garden of Eden. The efforless mash-up of dusty old tropicalia records given new life through the button-press, beat machine production seems fitting of Luhrmann's taste.

Monster Rally's Return To Paradise is out October 29 on Gold Robot. A limited press of 250 blue ocean vinyl is available for preorder.

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