Mount Pleasant's double album, The Flood


Today's special tropical/noise combination plate comes straight outta New Zealand.


Jeremy Krinsley | June 21, 2010

mount pleasant new zealand band

Mount Pleasant. Via.

Tropical/noise combination plates may be the budget item of the blogateria but it will always take some special sauce and a few secret ingredients to spark an aroma like Mount Pleasant's.

It's thick and pungent and peppered with equal-part fractured noise and deviled vocal melodies and with a whole double album available for free at the band's blog, it leaves you with a belly full of minute and a half songs with names like “I Watched You In The Park Removing Every Piece Of Your Clothing Until You Had Nothing” and covers and edits of Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Nicks, and Phil Collins.

Mount Pleasant, “Silver” (from the download-able The Flood)

Mount Pleasant, “Zimbabwe Cock Fight” (from Rio Joy)


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