Paces Lift & Ben Bounce, “Hydraulic Auctioneer/Sol Walk”

Blake Gillespie

Paces Lift & Ben Bounce

August of 2013, Paces Lift & Ben Bounce took over our Friday Night series with their Prelude to Quick Trigger mix, curating a collage of film score funk, high tension crime montage music, early electronic experimental, psychedelic folk, and science fiction radio melodrama from their personal sample vaults. The companion piece to the LP alluded to the sounds that would be chopped further down and repositioned to create a spaghetti western of rap production without all the hokiness or transparent movie promo of past efforts by Kool Moe Dee and Will Smith.

On “Hydraulic Auctioneer / Sol Walk” Paces Lift & Ben Bounce enter the tapestry with a snappy break-beat turned up high in the speakers, while the bone chilling guitar samples are the rustling winds of change, bringing ominous feelings of danger ahead. It's a wild west vibe, in which all life is caked in an inch of dust, and you keep more enemies than friends. While Monster Rally's contribution to the album art assists in making this connection, Paces Lift & Ben Bounce seem to operate in a similiar manner of Monster Rally's collaborative EP with RUMTUM. The MR & RT EP was two escapists finding common ground in oasis visions, while PL & BB are westerners at heart with manifest destiny in their scope, unable to shake off a historical connection to the dark side of the American Dream, as Ben Bounce resides in the passage to the West, St. Louis, and Paces Lift is in Lewis & Clark's final destination of the Pacific Northwest.

Ben Bounce & Paces Lift's Quick Trigger LP is out March 18 on Wax Thematique. Preorder now.

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