Pridjevi, “Pjesma O Drvecu”


Elevated headiness from Croatia.


Mike Sosnick | July 30, 2015

Pridjevi, "Pjesma O Drvecu"

To say that Croatia’s Pridjevi make psychedelic music is a bit reductive—their songs weave intricate paths through your head, and they’re infectious as can be, without being catchy in the traditional pop sense. Normally, meandering guitars and looped vocals of the “psychedelic” variety end up being relegated to background noise, but tracks like “Pjesma O Drvecu” command the bulk of your attention. The tangle of instruments and voices wraps and folds on itself in a labyrinthine web, encouraging steadfast focus for fear of missing anything. The band’s name is Croatian for “Adjectives,” very fitting for a group for whom so many words can describe its layers.

This vowel-deprived track is one of nine on Pridjevi’s self-titled LP, which is due August 7 on Trouble In Mind Records. Each one is as involved as the last, carving meandering avenues through your headspace—a trip, if you will. After all, Pridjevi really do make psychedelic music, but they’ve elevated the game.

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