Seed to Flower Thursdays with volcano!


The final installment of our video premiere series with the Chicago trio.


Sjimon Gompers | May 17, 2012


Welcome to the final installment of Seed to Flower Thursdays with volcano! where they debut one more track from their new album Piñata. The Chicago trio of Aaron With, Mark Cartwright and Sam Scranton have been teaching us their musical philosophy that songs share the common thread with flowers that they too cannot be born out of the blue but grow from a seed. Today we interrupt Aaron's music writing process involving accordion experimentation to give us the seminal breakdown for the premiere of today's flower.

Aaron gets nostalgic as he reminisces about growing up with Mark and Sam, whose fathers, we are told, were oil men and lived in a land where tar was in abundance and everywhere to play around in. This leads us to the grand debut of their song “Child Star;” a play on words in an oil-laden town full of tar. 'Child'S Tar' was the bands' favorite toy and they loved playing in that that rich, Texas-tea muck in their great La Brea tar pit of the Midwest.

The track involves time travel back to that magical land of tar where youth is revisited with the volcano! signature indie electric blend of dance with dream-like lyrics and rich composition. Join the backwards journey as they imagine turning back into a baby, or über-men-boy-musical-prodigies where their future star burns as bright as it does in the past. Reincarnation seems to be at work somehow to provide this transformative experience, while taking it back to a schoolhouse of memories of rough-housing in the tar.

Listen for Piñata from volcano! June 12 stateside, out now in Europe available from Leaf Label and Bandcamp.

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