Serengeti & Anders Holm form Perfecto

Blake Gillespie

Last week Serengeti announced a group with Open Mike Eagle called Cavanaugh. In true Geti fashion, he has debuted yet another group because the mustache don’t sleep. His alter ego Kenny Dennis is back at it with ‘Ders, aka Anders Holm of Workaholics, and the duo are traveling back in time to the German eurodance era when Snap!’s “The Power” played in every American sports arena. They’re calling it Perfecto.

While Cavanaugh is born of blue collar origins—its lead single “Screen Play” existing like the “Thunder Road” of rap—Perfecto feels like an idea spawned at 3 p.m. over an eight ball and leafing through a CD booklet to discover a copy of the Jock Jams Vol.1 compilation. Behold, the video for “Giorgio” as exhibit A:

Perfecto’s You Can’t Run From The Rhythm is out now on Joyful Noise Recordings.

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