SHIRT, “Poor People’s March”


“You wanna start a revolution / how you ain’t read nothin’?”


Blake Gillespie | February 4, 2016

Photo by Julien Tell

Shirt is stressed out. The New York rapper was lauded last year on our Best Mixtapes of 2015 list, but he enters the new year with an Atlasian weight on his shoulders. It’s like he’s standing at the bottom of his Twitter feed as police shootings of unarmed black men, beatings of protesters, and racist malevolence rain down on him. “Poor People’s March” is Shirt’s attempt to wade through the static.

“Poor People’s March” weeps naturally via production from Trac-Quada. It’s Shirts “no wins” mentality that sends it to skid row. Still, Shirt is trying to claw his way out of the crab barrel. It’s a troubled 16 to fight off the dregs of apathy.

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