Silk Flowers' “In Your Memory”


A new track from Silk Flower's upcoming EP, <i>As Above So Below</i>.


Jeremy Krinsley | December 4, 2009

silk flowers as above so below album art

Silk Flowers' As Above So Below

Only about six months since the release of their self-titled debut full length on PPM, and the Brooklyn trio has a new EP readied for Captured Tracks called As Above So Below.

Perhaps appropriately for a release on a label best known for bedroom recorders and garage bands, “In Your Memory” comes off as both scruffier and poppier than much of the full length, and actually seems closer in kin to their earlier 7-inch releases, recalling 80s FM radio in its wobbling synths, and a little Cindy Lauper in the vocal melody line, cranked down a few octaves. (Wait for the closing line, really.)


Silk Flower, “In Your Memory”


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