Snakeskin, “Seize”


The first single off of the band’s forthcoming debut full-length.


Mike Mehalick | January 2, 2018

With a number of bedroom-recorded singles and EPs to under the moniker Snakeskin credit already, songwriter Shanna Polley is making the leap to a full band set up. Following the release of I Love My Room last year, Polley AKA Snake recruited Aaron Amaya, Cliff Rawson, James Meder and Matthew Davis to help fully realize songs she had written throughout her high school years.

Today, Impose Magazine is happy to host the exclusive premiere of “Seize,” the lead single off of Snakeskin’s first LP, Hangnail, coming via State Champion Records.

With “Seize,” a mid-tempo pace gives Snake room to weave her lovelorn poetry with unflinching purpose as textural hues are splashed on the canvas of her original arrangement. The track rides on incendiary flairs of fuzzy guitars and powerful rhythms as Snakeskin coalesce beautifully into their new, well, skin.

“‘Seize’ is about the continuous low hum of disembodiment that lives inside photosensitive brains,” shares Snake. “The song documents flashes of reality in between a fog of color, saturation, contrast, and brightness.”

Stream Snakeskin’s “Seize” below and pre-order Hangnail out February 16th here.


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