Stage Hands, “The Populating of Empty Space”


Waiting for this synth-pop duo to release more than one track at a time.


Caitlin Greene | April 4, 2014

Stage Hands

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Stage Hands—the duo made up of Brandon Locher (The Meets) and Gerald Mattis—crossed our path in December with the release of “Regardless” on My Idea of Fun. Their new track, “The Populating of Empty Space,” picks up where the band's earlier take on abstract synth-pop left off, but this time they lean slightly away from Dan Deacon-referencing playfulness, with more lilt in the drumming and jazz in the beat.

After the glitchy-ambient intro wraps up, a dualing xylaphone and keyboard weave through the song's middle section over the beat, taking their time to settle down. One thing this band seems to revel in is putting together tracks that are simultaneously organized and amorphous. They haven't released a ton of music to date, but ideally they'll start to pick up the pace.

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