Stephanie Mae, “Dying For Your High”

Emily Chu

Seattle based singer Stephanie Mae has just released a new song. She studied at Stanford University, where she made a name for herself in Stanford’s music scene. Since then, she’s gained more ground and widened her fanbase. Her latest track is called “Dying For Your High,” and we have the exclusive premiere.

This track is a slow jam with catchy vocals and a strong guitar line. It’s a pop song with some electronic undertones, and the effect is super edgy. We are such big fans.

Here’s what Stephanie had to say about this track:

This song is about addiction to a person or thing. I wrote the song after a particular short-lived encounter I had with someone— I felt like I was on a high when I was with him. Our encounter was cut short due to various circumstances, and I wasn’t able to see him ever again. I felt like I was going through withdrawals and couldn’t get my mind off of it. It was a terrible and unhealthy feeling, so I wrote this song to help me feel better about it all.
The song morphed as I wrote the lyrics of the bridge and now the song is more of a metaphor for addiction of any kind— whether to a person, or a vice of any sort.

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