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Meet Your Death


Emily Chu + Meredith Schneider | August 11, 2016

With Meet Your Death as a band name and a bio that says they’re the “antidote to feeble contemporary hot dog and burger rock and middling pseudo-psyche jams,” I had some pretty high expectations. All from different musical backgrounds, the band – comprised of John Schooley, Walter Daniels, Matter Hammer, and Harpal Assicame – together and created something one of a kind. And we have the exclusive stream of the Meet Your Death’s self-titled debut album.

Meet Your Death is made up of 8 songs, each one with hardcore elements that certainly do not translate into feeble contemporary hot dog and burger rock as suggested. Each track is incredibly different from the next – not really lending themselves to one another in any form – but all together, they create one cohesive and incredibly haunting album. It’s hard to describe what kind of sound that Meet Your Death is, as its clearly influenced by an array of genres, but one thing is for sure – I’ve never heard anything like it.

Note: “If You Live” might be one of my favorite tracks off the album. It’s got a lot of soul and classic rock elements, and it sounds like it could be the backdrop to an episode of Sons of Anarchy. The harmonica in “Tracking The Dog” is absolutely mesmerizing, almost soul-crushing. And the title of #6 is going to make you laugh if you have the dirty mind of a thirteen year old like I do.

Meet Your Death is out August 12th. It is available for preorder now.

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