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With an extra X for hot-tempered emphasis.


Caitlin Greene | August 26, 2014

For the past year, VEXX have stayed close to their home of Olympia, Washington, playing splashy in-your-face punk sets to a tight Pacific Northwestern fan-base. Their upcoming self-titled EP of eight incendiary tracks is now streaming, should you be in the mood for a good pummeling. The band previously released a limited edition of the album, which sold out instantly. Since then, they’ve remastered it with the help of Jason Ward (of Chicago Mastering Service) and are now in line for a bi-continental release via their hometown M’Lady’s Records and the UK’s Upset The Rhythm. Second track “Clairvoyant” shows VEXX in one of their more explosive and uninhibited shades, in contrast to the restrained grip of “Strength” and “Ocean Shores”. Like Exene Cervenka, front woman Maryjane Dunphe has one of those voices you couldn’t overpower with the most unhinged guitar, and trust, the guitar and drums on these songs give it their unstoppable all. Now with a new bassist, VEXX are poised to blaze out of the confines of the Washington underground.

The EP comes out October 6 on M’Lady’s in the US and Upset The Rhythm in the UK. Stream the whole thing here.

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