Suburban Living, “New Strings”

Jake Saunders

“New Strings” is the new single from Philly-based Suburban Living, aka Wesley Bunch, an artist whose been cooking up dreamy shoegaze jams for the last couple years. His music fits right in with the Diiv/Beach Fossils crew, so if that’s your shtick than this is for you.

It’s got soaring melodies, a heaping plate of reverb, and fills the room quite nicely with that large dreamy sound we all know and love. I’m a particular fan of the use of feedback; it gives just the right hint of edge, mixed with a dose of bubblegum and a drop of fuzz, cook that shit in the oven at about 800 degrees fahrenheit for about three and a half minutes and you’ve got yourself a damn good shoegaze track. Also on a side note, if you’re a fan of Life Size Maps you might dig this, and if you’re a fan of Suburban Living you might dig Life Size Maps! Haven’t heard of either? Well It’s your lucky day and you’ve learned about two awesome bands!

Suburban Living’s self-titled album is out Janurary 27, 2015 on Papercup Music.

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