The Unicorns, “Rocket Ship” (Daniel Johnston cover)


A meta super spacejam for indie darlings.


Sandra Song | July 21, 2014

Who knew Daniel Johnston’s “Rocket Ship” could get any spacier? Take it up with newly reunited indie favorites The Unicorns, who’ve finally teased their space station-esque studio recording of Johnston’s wonky Yip/Jump Music classic.

Cheek-pinchingly adorable in its winkle-twinkle vibe, The Unicorns reaffirm their place as a cutesy cult favorite with their oscillating, space-age swoops and glittering vocal harmonies. Reworked and ground through a see-saw synth treatment, it’s a dizzy, staccato-dotted ride through a felt-covered, sequin-studded space diorama that’s the twee-est science fair project anyone could conjure up.

Look out for it as a bonus track on the upcoming reissue of their 2004 cult classic Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?, due out on August 26 via the band’s Caterpillar Records imprint.

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