True Neutral Crew


A group that may or may not involve clipping., Foot Village, and Books On Tape.


Blake Gillespie | August 9, 2013

True Neutral Crew

When True Neutral Crew was first brought to our attention, it was the side project of Daveed from clipping. and Margot Padilla, who makes music under the moniker I.E. Two months later, it was shaping up to be worthy of being referred to as a crew with the additions of Brian Miller from Foot Village, Joel Jerome from Babies on Acid and Todd Drootin, aka Books On Tape.

Has True Neutral Crew expanded further since the update we received on July 1? Potentially. TNC is quietly preparing its debut mixtape #MONSANTO, which will reportedly have several guest features though they might be sporting offical crew jackets by now. For now, let the teaser below be the earworm that eats at your curiosity sensors, making the mystery and speculation unbearable.

TNC plans to release the #MONSANTO mixtape in August.

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