Tunde Olaniran, “Symbol”


“My family tree been on the run.”


Andre G | September 7, 2017

Thousands of undocumented people and their families are set to suffer amidst President Trump’s repeal of DACA, but that suffering is all too familiar. At the root of the issue is dehumanization cogently examined by Tunde Olaniran, on his unflinching “Symbol” record, which is his first since his 2015 Transgressor album. On “Symbol”, the Flint, MI singer/rapper/producer bemoans his roots being “tossed into the wind” by predatory establishments that, as Tunde notes, holds Black and Brown bodies as political symbols to “feed white nationalism.”

The exasperation of that dehumanization radiates through Tunde’s anguished falsetto. Even as the electropop soundscape give off festive vibes, his lyrics illustrate a circumstance that’s anything but, as families like Tunde’s are being fractured for no good reason. Since 2015, his music has been a fusion of hip-hop, soul and provocative lyricism, and “Symbol” is a strong reminder.

You can listen to “Symbol” below, and purchase via iTunes here.


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