Vessel, “Anima”

Sandra Song

A wandering journey through misty moors is what immediately comes to mind when listening to Vessel‘s new track “Anima”, the second single from his upcoming Tri Angle release, Punish, Honey. 

Stuffed with see-saw synths and reverb-heavy percussion, it’s a loping, loopy compliment to the carnivalesque and gorgeously grotesque “Red Sex”. Sparser than its predecessor, it’s a more serious, subdued exploration of rhythmic desire and sensuality. Still incredibly narcotic, there’s a sluggish Novocaine vibe to the glammed-up industrial he’s promised with Punish, Honey. Sleek, chastening and markedly stygian in its siren-like leanings, it’s like a woozy trip to the Second Circle of Hell. Just hope you can find your way back.

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