Walter TV, “Surf Metal”


(Sort of) surf gems from DeMarco’s backing band.


Niccolo Porcello | April 7, 2015

Walter TV

Walter TV is comprised of Mac DeMarco’s touring band, sans DeMarco. Their output has been spotty, appearing in various quantities over the past three or so years, including a 2012 full-length Appetite. They specialize in a sort of off-brand DeMarco-psych that ends up being sonically freeing, as evidenced by their new track “Surf Metal”. Quite literally, “Surf Metal” is a version of surf-rock gone loud—not quite to the extent of Metallica metal, per se, but certainly louder than “surf rock” usually indicates. In between the heavy moments, Walter TV shows serious pop-dexterity. Walter TV’s sophomore LP, Blessed, is out June 23 via Sinderlyn Records. You can stream “Surf Metal” below.

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